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JOKE #3,529: A man walks into a bar, and realizes Pope John Paul II is pouring drinks. The Pope asks, "How would you like to be forgiven of all venial sins, my son?" The man says, "Oh, I don't know..." The Pope responds, "Go ahead, indulge yourself!"

COMPLEMENTARY EXPLANATION FOR JOKE #3,529: The reason why this is funny is because an indulgence is penance offered by the Catholic church for any sins committed by an individual in exchange for certain acts, such as prayer or good deeds. In the late Middle Ages, these acts came in the form of monetary compensation, leading to criticism from protestants and reformers. This is therefore a play on words, because drinking is sometimes considered somewhat of an "indulgence" of the senses, and since the papal father of the Catholic church is tending bar, the word takes on a double meaning. It is also amusing, for those who are not familiar with medieval church history, because of the image of current Catholic leader Pope John Paul II tending bar, an otherwise low-level service job. If social commentary is not that accessible, one need only recognize the Pope as that guy who wears the funny hat (called a "miter") to elicit the requisite number of laughs.

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